How to Choose Snowboarding Gloves

How to Choose Snowboarding Gloves
Before you go snowboarding, you're going to want a pair of gloves. Gloves are an important snowboarding accessory and protect your hands from both the moisture of snow and the cold temperatures outside. While picking out gloves doesn't require much work, there are a few things to consider.


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Step 1
Decide if you want gloves or mittens. Gloves are really the standard and offer easier use of your hands because each finger is protected individually. Since you'll be doing things like tightening your boots and bindings with gloves on, having the extra mobility of your fingers is optimal. On the other hand, mittens promote extra body heat and provide a little more warmth.
Step 2
Go to the shop. Like other snowboard clothing and equipment, it's best to size gloves in person. There's no reliable measurement for your hands, and gloves will all fit a little differently. Getting gloves that fit correctly will ensure that they are amply warm and maneuverable.
Step 3
Look for quality waterproofing. Remember, your gloves are going to be making a lot of contact with the snow (falling down, pushing yourself up, throwing snowballs at your buddy, etc.), so it's important that they stay as dry as possible. Unfortunately, snowboard gloves don't usually have waterproof ratings the way jackets and pants do. Look for gloves that include a GORE-TEX shell, which can't be beat as far as waterproofing goes.
Step 4
Consider warmth. Purchase gloves that will be ample for the coldest conditions you ride in. Make sure to purchase gloves that are insulated enough to provide the warmth you need. Gloves with removable liners provide maximum warmth and allow you to tailor your gloves to the outside conditions by removing or inserting the liners.
Step 5
Consider pipe or spring gloves if you don't intend to do any riding in really cold weather or deep snow. If you spend a lot of time in the park, on the pipe or in warmer conditions over 40 degrees, a pipe/spring glove may be all you need.
Step 6
Try the gloves on. The gloves should fit snugly and comfortably, with the tips of your fingers toward the very tips of the glove. If there's too much space between your fingertip and glove tip, you'll have trouble grabbing things and you'll get colder quicker. Try bending your fingers and picking something up to ensure that the gloves fit correctly and are easy to move your hand in. Also get a feel for how comfortable they are against your skin.
Step 7
Try the gloves in combination with your jacket. Think about whether you'll wear the gloves over or under your jacket sleeves, and purchase compatible gloves. Some gloves are designed to go over your jacket and be secured down with an elastic pull so as to provide seamless weatherproofing. This ensure that moisture and air don't slip between the glove and jacket. Other gloves are slim and designed to be worn under your jacket sleeves. Purchase the type that is compatible with your jacket and provides the best protection from moisture and wind.
Step 8
Make sure the gloves are durable. Your gloves are going to take a lot of abuse, so make sure that the palms have a durable grip surface and that the gloves appear to be rugged.
Step 9
Consider any other features that you want from a glove. Some gloves have extra things like goggle cleaners and nose wipes built in.

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