Crappie Fishing Rigs Technique

Crappie Fishing Rigs Technique
Crappies are a freshwater fish of which there are two popular kinds- white crappie and black crappie. White crappie have spines and usually prefer cloudier water, whereas black crappie enjoy clear water. They are very common and found in most large bodies of freshwater. Crappie usually enjoy smaller fish that are slower or unable to react quickly-- therefore using live minnows with the rig technique is an affordable and sensible method to catch these popular game fish.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Crappie minnows
  • Crappie hooks
  • Fire line (8 -- 20 lb tested)
  • Bass sinkers (1/4 oz eggs)
  • 3-way swivels
Step 1
Cut two, 10-inch pieces of fire line. Tie a crappie hook at the end of each line, using a knot you are comfortable with.
Step 2
Next cut two, 12-inch pieces of fire line. Tie a crappie hook at the end of each line.
Step 3
Open your fishing reel's bail, ensuring the fire line is running through the eyelets. Pull out several feet of line. Tie a 3-way swivel to the end of the fishing rod line you've just pulled out.
Step 4
Locate the eyelet that is 90 degrees away from the top eyelet on the three-way swivel. Tie a 1-inch crappie hook leader to this open eyelet. Now, there should be just one open eyelet remaining.
Step 5
Take one of the 12-inch pieces of fire line and tie it to the one remaining open eyelet in the 3-way swivel you've been working on. Take the other end of the 12-inch piece of fire line to your second three-way swivel. There should be about half a foot between the first 3-way swivel's bottom eyelet, and the second three-way swivel's top eyelet.
Step 6
Look at that second 3-way leader, and locate the open eyelet that is 90 degrees from the top eyelet. Tie one of the 10-inch crappie hook leaders to this open eyelet. There should now just be one open eyelet on this second 3-way leader.
Step 7
Tie a 12-inch piece of fire line to the remaining eyelet on the second 3-way swivel. Tie the other end of this line to the ¼ oz bass sinker. There should be about half a foot of line between these two.
Step 8
Use both hooks and attach them to the front or back of a live crappie minnow's dorsal fin. Attaching it there will allow the minnow to swim around, but make it appear wounded---just the way crappies like them. This will attract plenty of crappies, and provide you with plenty of fish!

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