How to Fish on the Indian Chain of Lakes in Indiana

How to Fish on the Indian Chain of Lakes in Indiana
The state of Indiana has a lot of lakes, and among them are the five bodies of water making up the Chain of Lakes in the northeastern part of the state. Surrounded by private campgrounds and an Indiana State Park, the Chain of Lakes is a popular destination for campers, boaters and especially fishermen. If you are going to the Chain of Lakes to fish there for the first time, there are a number of steps to take to ensure that your fishing trip is a success.


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Step 1
Get your Indiana fishing license. This can be done online and you can print up the license in your own printer. In 2009, fishing licenses for nonresidents were $9 for one day, $20 for one week and $35 for one year. A trout and salmon fishing stamp was $11 more.
Step 2
Stop in at an area bait and tackle shop before beginning your fishing trip, such as Jerry's Bait and Tackle in Stroh This is a good idea for any new fishing area, not just because you might need to pick up bait and gear, but also to inquire about local conditions.
Step 3
Transfer your boat to the water or rent a boat. If you are not camping in the Chain of Lakes area, the best place to do this is at the Chain of Lakes State Park marina. However, there is also a variety of campgrounds on the shores of the different lakes, and most have their own marina facilities.
Step 4
Wear a life jacket while on board your fishing boat, as required under Indiana law.
Step 5
Adhere to Indiana state bag and size limits. Some fish species found in the Chain of Lakes, such as bluegill, have no limits whatsoever. Others, such as black bass, have a catch limit of five per day with a minimum size requirement of 14 inches in length.
Step 6
Follow Indiana state regulations regarding fishing methods. For example, snagging is banned. Indiana also discourages, but does not prohibit the use of lead sinkers.

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