How to Camp With an RV in Alaska

How to Camp With an RV in Alaska
Alaska is the largest and least densely populated state in America. It is also a place with expansive, untamed wildernesses that draw throngs of campers every year. However, it also means RV campers need to plan every stop at an Alaskan campground. If you forget something, the nearest population center might be hours away.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Insect screens
  • Bug repellent
  • Electric bug lamp (optional)
Step 1
Inspect the caulking around your RV's windows, doors, skylights and vents. Alaskan weather dictates this fundamental maintenance chore. The rainy season in Alaska begins in mid-summer, so the length of time when it is not wet or chilly is very brief.
Step 2
Install insect screens over all of the windows in your RV that can be opened. Bring mosquito repellent and possibly an electric bug lamp to hang on the outside of the RV as well. Biting insects in Alaska are legion between May and September.
Step 3
Inspect your campsite before you pull your RV into it. The weather in Alaska is hard on paved and gravel roads, so depressions and potholes can sometimes be a problem. If the campsite is not level, lay timber boards where you intend to park the RV's tires to level things out.
Step 4
Set tire blocks under the RV's tires after you park.
Step 5
Connect your cables and hoses to the campground's electrical, water and sewage hook-ups, if these facilities are available. Switch on the water pump in the RV.
Step 6
Keep all food stored inside the RV when you are not actually engaged in cooking out over a grill or campfire. Alaska is bear country, and proper food storage is an elementary safety step.
Step 7
Dispose of all waste and refuse at an RV dump station. Most RV campgrounds and major national or state parks have an RV dump facility, but if you intend to camp in smaller or more isolated places you will need to make a stop at a public dump station.

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