How to Make Wooden Crappie Lures

How to Make Wooden Crappie Lures
Crappies are prone to hitting a wide range of lures, but small crankbait fishing lures that simulate the baitfish they feed on are a good choice throughout the season. While there are many commercially made lures for anglers to choose from, making your own wooden crappie lure is an enjoyable task that provides a custom made lure that no else has.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wooden lure body
  • Lure paint
  • Lure screw eyes
  • Split rings
  • Hooks
  • Electric drill
  • Wood glue
  • Split ring pliers
Step 1
Drilling two holes in the lure body, one underneath the body or belly section of the lure and one in the rear. This holes are where the hooks will be, so space them far enough apart that the hooks will not tangle when attached to the lure.
Step 2
Insert the screw eyes into the holes. You can do this by hand to start, but it may require the use of pliers to finish the job so the screw eyes are flush to the lure body. It is also helpful to add a small amount of glue on the final few threads of the screw eye so the eyelet stays firmly in place.
Step 3
Paint the lure body with a base coat of white paint and let this dry. You can then add other layers of paint until you get the desired finish. Be sure the paint is dry before adding stripes, eyes or other detailed features to the lure.
Step 4
Add the split rings to the eyelets on the lure body with the aid of the split ring pliers. Then add the hooks to the split rings by opening the split rings with the pliers and sliding the hooks around the ring till they are in place. Your new lure is ready to catch a limit of hard-fighting crappies.

Tips & Warnings

When you are through painting the lure, add a layer of clear coat to protect the paint. To really add something extra, sprinkle some metallic flecks on the clear coat while it is drying to make a sparkle finish.
Drill the holes straight into the lure. If they are angled, the lure may run to run to one side, which isn't desirable.

Article Written By Brian M. Kelly

Brian M. Kelly has been freelance writing since 2003. His work has been published in respected outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life, Great Lakes Angler and Salmon Trout Steelheader. He holds an associate's degree in automated machine design from Macomb College.

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