How to Store Skis

How to Store Skis
When winter season is over, it is time to store your skis until the snow falls again. Snow skis are made to last through all of the action you put them through. They do not require a lot to keep them in good working order. A little maintenance and good storage will keep them working well for the next season.


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Step 1
Dry your skis and boots with a clean towel. Pull the liners out of the ski boots and let them air dry before replacing back into the boots.
Step 2
Bring your skis to a professional ski shop and have them tuned to prevent rusting and so they will be in the best shape for next ski season. Part of the tuning process will involve waxing, which prevents rusting.
Step 3
Put your skis in a ski bag if you have one. If you do not have one, you might want to consider getting one. A ski bag is not absolutely necessary, but it protects your skis from getting dirty and from getting scratched.
Step 4
Place your ski boots inside a duffel bag or plastic bag to keep them from getting dirty.
Step 5
Store your skis upright in a dry closet or room that does not get too humid and is not prone to moisture buildup. Do not store your skis near a humid bathroom or in a basement or garage that is prone to moisture.

Tips & Warnings

In the past, it was common practice to loosen the bindings before storage. Modern bindings do not require loosening.

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