How to Make a Bike Camera Mount

How to Make a Bike Camera Mount
Everyone loves being able to enjoy the scenery while on a bike ride. Why not take that enjoyment a step further and actually capture what you see for posterity as you ride? You can haul along a digital camera and stop to take pictures every few feet while continuously worrying if your camera is okay in your pocket, or you can mount a video camera to the handlebars of your bike and just hit the record button. This is great for bike racing and long, outdoor road biking.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 1/4"-20 x 3" screw
  • 1/4"-20 wing nut (3)
  • 1/4" x 1-1/4" flat washer (2)
  • Super glue or epoxy
  • Bicycle headlight and handlebar mount assembly
  • Drill
  • 1/4" Drill bit
  • Camcorder
Step 1
Dismantle and prepare the headlight. This first step requires that you purchase and dismantle a cheap bicycle headlight. Most bicycle headlights come in two pieces: the headlight portion and an attached handlebar clamp. You'll want to remove the bolt holding the two pieces together. You can ditch the headlight part, or you can keep it as a hand-held flashlight.
Step 2
Now that you have the clamp in hand, enlarge the bolt hole to ¼-inch diameter, if necessary, to match the size of the bolt hole on the tripod attachment holes on the camera. Use smaller drill bits and get progressively larger to the ¼ inch size. This will allow the bolt to slide in easily.
Step 3
Create the mount. Now that you've created a mounting clamp you'll need to create a way to attach the camera to the mount. Taking a 1/4"-20 wing nut, screw it on to a 1/4"-20 bolt. Once the nut and the bolt are together, use the super glue to glue the wing nut and the bolt together in order to make a usable handle for screwing and unscrewing the bolt with ease.
Step 4
Take two ¼-inch washers and two wing nuts, and super glue the bottom of each wing nut to one of the washers. These will be used to fasten the old headlight clamp to the bike, and the tripod head where the camera attaches. Make sure to allow the glue to dry before using either the washers or the bolt in the next step.
Step 5
Take the bolt and slide it through the enlarged hole on the plastic bike mount. The bolt should fit perfectly. If the hole is too tight, drill it out to enlarge it using the ¼-inch drill bit.

Now that the bolt is through the hole, place one of the ¼-inch washers on the other end, making sure that the wing nut is facing away from the bolt.
Step 6
Attach the mount to the bike. Using the remaining washer and wing nut, place it over the bolt facing the opposite direction of its twin. Unscrew the bolt from the plastic mount and place the mount the clamp around the handlebars, putting the bolt back and tightening once you're done.

Take the camcorder and attach it to the bolt using the tripod attachment holes. Use the washer and wing nut to tighten the two together.

Tips & Warnings

Check the tightness of your handlebar mount and camera mount periodically during your ride. All that jarring over bumps can loosen things over time.

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