How to Use Llamas As Pack Animals in Grand Teton National Park

How to Use Llamas As Pack Animals in Grand Teton National Park
The use of llamas can make a difficult backcountry trip in Grand Teton National Park much more palatable, substantially reducing the load that you must carry on your back. In addition, using pack animals like llamas enables you to carry more luxurious gear into the backcountry so that you have a more comfortable night out. There are several options for renting llamas in the area.


Difficulty: Moderate

Plan Your Destination

Things You’ll Need:
  • Llamas Guides
  • Llamas
  • Guides
Step 1
Consult the regulations on llama use in Grand Teton National Park to decide where you want to go. The use of llamas is limited to certain trails, and there are only five backcountry sites that permit camping with stock: Berry Creek near Hechtman Creek, Death Canyon, the North Fork of Granite Canyon, Paintbrush Canyon below Holly Lake and the South Fork of Cascade Canyon.
Step 2
Consult with the llama rental service and decide whether to hire a guide or to rent the animals.
Step 3
Pack efficiently to maximize weight-to-carry ratio, and weigh your packs to decide how many llamas you need to rent or hire. Llamas can generally carry up to 75 pounds, and most agencies will require that you hire a minimum of two.
Step 4
Consider going on a guided day hike with llama handlers before going into the backcountry on your own so that you understand how to handle the animals.
Step 5
Carry llama treats to supplement the natural vegetation that llamas like to eat. You can usually get these from the llama rental agencies.

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