How to Get Rid of a Foot Cramp

How to Get Rid of a Foot Cramp
Foot cramps are an uncomfortable contraction of the muscles in the foot. Often catching an individual off guard, foot cramps can be very painful. Foot cramps may result from a range of causes including dehydration, stress, potassium deficiency, poor circulation and even pinched nerves. As painful as they may be, the good news is that foot cramps may be relieved with simple techniques.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ibuprofen Elastic bandage Ice pack Warm water soak Warm moist towel
  • Ibuprofen
  • Elastic bandage
  • Ice pack
  • Warm water soak
  • Warm moist towel
Step 1
Stretch the foot that is being affected by the cramp. Arch the foot upward and spread the toes to stretch as much of the foot and associated muscles as possible.
Step 2
Apply an ice pack to the area in which the cramp is taking place. Use a towel or cloth between the pack and the skin to prevent skin damage. Alternate leaving the pack on and off for ten minutes each.
Step 3
Apply a warm moist towel to the cramping foot. Typically, the heat will need to be applied several times a day to consistently alleviate the cramping muscle.
Step 4
Take a dose of ibuprofen and wrap the foot with an elastic bandage. For cramps resulting from an injury, add elevation to the treatment.
Step 5
Make a warm water foot soak in a pan which will hold enough water to cover the foot. The water should be warm enough to penetrate the cramping muscle but not hot enough to burn the skin. Soak the affected foot for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tips & Warnings

Try adjusting diet and exercise routines if cramping becomes persistent or recurring. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium (K). Multivitamins are another option for optimizing chemical balance in the body.
Persistent foot cramps should be brought to the attention of a physician as there may be other and more serious causes of the cramping.

Article Written By Tara Dooley

Tara Dooley has written for various websites since 2008. She has worked as an accountant, after-school director and retail manager in various locations. Dooley holds a Bachelor of Science in business management and finance.

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