How to Fix a Beach Umbrella

How to Fix a Beach Umbrella
Having a relaxing day at the beach interrupted by a broken beach umbrella can be really frustrating. Fixing a beach umbrella can be difficult, especially without tools on a windy day. However, with a little patience, you may be able to salvage the umbrella and resume your day of fun at the beach. If you have the materials handy, you may be able to fix the umbrella within minutes. However, for more severe damage, you may need to set aside part of an afternoon for repairs.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step 1
Repair a rip in the canopy by removing the entire canopy. Trace the canopy to make a replacement, or just a template for the ripped section. If replacing just one panel, sew the replacement panel in place using a nylon thread. If you have traced out an entirely new canopy, carefully remove the old canopy and replace it with the new one, attaching the new canopy fabric to both the center stem and the undersides of each spoke (generally by attaching the fabric to a small hole in the end of each spoke with thread). You can find waterproof fabric at your local fabric store.
Step 2
Use an inner tube patch kit to repair rips in a beach umbrella canopy made from plastic.
Step 3
Repair a broken stem (the long tube that makes up the length of the beach umbrella) using one of the following methods:

For a hollow metal tube, solder or weld the stem together where it has been damaged. You could also insert a dowel in the metal tube to reinforce it.

If the stem in wooden, wrap it in duct tape. A prettier alternative is to use wood glue, and then wrap the handle in copper wire or braided fabric.
Step 4
Attend to an umbrella with a missing or broken spoke by replacing it with wire. Attach a piece of wire to the umbrella's stem and canopy in the open position.
Step 5
Take your umbrella to an umbrella repair company. They can often track down special parts you may have difficulty finding.

Article Written By Tucker Cummings

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