How to Clean Ski Goggles

How to Clean Ski Goggles
Ski goggles are an essential piece of equipment for alpine skiing. Wind and snow can take their toll on your eyes if you do not have the proper protection. Goggles gradually build up layers of grime and dirt over the course of winter if you ski regularly. Clean your ski goggles before each excursion to enhance visibility on the slopes.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Eyeglass cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning solution
Step 1
Use ski goggle cleaning solution or generic eyeglass cleaner spray, which you can find at a sporting goods store or online. Make sure the cleaning solution is plastic-compatible so as not to damage the plastic lens.
Step 2
Place a few drops of the cleaning solution on one half of the soft lens cloth. Make sure the cloth is specifically for lens cleaning to avoid scratches. Wipe off the inside of the lens with the moist part of the cloth until all dust and grime has been removed.
Step 3
Wipe the lens of the goggles using a gentle circular motion. Do not press too hard on the lens when buffing it clean. Excessive pressure when scrubbing may remove the anti-fog coating or push the lens out of position in the frame. Use light, circular strokes to dab away dirt and any residue that has built up.
Step 4
Dry the lens with the dry half of the lens cloth to polish the surface. Gently buff the lens in a circular motion, making sure not to leave any streaks or moisture from the cleaning solution.
Step 5
Repeat the same process for the outside of the lens. Carefully wipe away all dirt and dry off the surface.

Tips & Warnings

It is normal for ski goggles to fog up. This is not related to the dirt or grime on your lens. Keep a soft cloth with you when you ski to blot at the moisture. You may also want to consider using an anti-fog solution for your goggles to reduce moisture levels and improve visibility. These kinds of products can also be purchased at sports outlets or online.
Do not use anything except a soft lens cloth to clean your goggles. Kleenex, paper towels or regular rags may scratch the surface of the lens or leave a residue. Do not clean your goggles with standard glass-cleaning agents. Many of these kinds of products contain ammonia, a substance that may ruin the anti-fog properties of your goggles.

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