How to Hook Up Propane Regulators for Camper Cook Stoves

How to Hook Up Propane Regulators for Camper Cook Stoves
One of the benefits of having a pop-up camper, trailer or RV is that you are not reliant only on campfires for cooking when you are enjoying your outdoors adventures. Stoves will need fuel, however, and this usually comes in the form of a propane cylinder or bottle. Hooking up a propane tank is pretty easy, but it must be done correctly to be safe.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bungee cords
Step 1
Identify and locate the stove's propane nozzle. Some pop-up campers, especially modified ones, use retrofitted portable camping stoves. In that case, the nozzle might be on the kitchenette counter. Otherwise, it should be in the cabinet beneath the stove.
Step 2
Install the propane bottle or cylinder. A full stove will use a propane cylinder similar to that used for backyard grills and large space heaters. Maneuver the cylinder into the cabinet and put the regulator onto the cylinder's nozzle. Clamp it on by turning the regulator's switch. For a retrofitted camping stove, the regulator nozzle is probably at the end of a rigid pipe. Screw on the propane bottle to the nozzle.
Step 3
Ensure the bottle/cylinder is in a stable location so that it is safe in the event of a sharp turn or accident. It should not be able to fall over or be smashed by another object falling on it. A propane cylinder, for example, can be held in place with bungee cords.

Tips & Warnings

Keep spare propane cylinders properly stored away so that they are secure and standing in an upright position. Smaller propane bottles need only be stowed away so they won't roll around and become damaged.

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