How to Camp in a Chrysler Aspen

How to Camp in a Chrysler Aspen
Now that you have your Chrysler Aspen, you have decided to really put it to the test. You have decided you want to go camping. You have collected all of your fishing gear. You have purchased enough food and drinks for an entire weekend. But in order to camp in your Chrysler Aspen, you need to buy the right tent.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Purchase a Napier SUV & Minivan tent. The model you need is the 81000. One place to buy it online is (See Resource section.)
Step 2
Put the tent together. According to the Napier tent instructions, you need to:

1) Lay the tent behind your Aspen, with tent door opening toward the left.
2) Slide poles labeled "A" into corner holes. This will be at the tent's roof.
3) Slide poles labeled "B" into holes that lie vertically.
4) Pull the tent from the ground after you have inserted the end covers on the bottoms of the poles labeled "A."
5) Place the ends of the poles labeled "B" into the pocket reinforcements on the top of your tent.
Step 3
Open the rear door of your Aspen and slide the tent sock over the upturned door. Slide it all the way to the top of the door and check that it is secure.
Step 4
Attach the bottom straps. The straps located at the bottom of your tent will attach on your wheel well from underneath. Pull them tight, so your tent does not come loose from your vehicle.
Step 5
Attack the tent's hook to your cargo ring. You will find the hook inside the tent. Now you are all set.

Article Written By M. Alanna Morgan

M. Alanna Morgan holds an Associate of Science degree in information technology from South University Savannah, graduated from The Institute of Children's Literature and Long Ridge Writer's Group. Morgan's published work includes "Mystery," published in The World of Poetry's "Selected World of Our World's Best Poets." "The Obvious," published in The National Library of Poetry's "On the Threshold of a Dream, Vol. III."

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