How to Make a Toboggan Go Fast

How to Make a Toboggan Go Fast
Riding a toboggan is a fun winter activity. For those with the need for speed, riding a toboggan is even more enjoyable after making some special modifications. You can make your toboggan faster by applying certain products to the base, allowing you to achieve greater velocity by reducing friction with the snow. These modifications are quick and easy, so try a temporary or permanent approach for your next day of sledding.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Toboggan
  • Sandpaper
  • Cooking oil
  • Pledge
  • Hairdryer
  • Waxing cork
  • Ski wax
  • Nylon ski brush
Step 1
Make sure the bottom side of the toboggan is perfectly smooth. Use sandpaper to polish any rough spots on the wooden surface. Tighten any loose screws that may be sticking out and slowing you down.
Step 2
Use household items to coat the bottom of your toboggan for temporary speed enhancements. Spray cooking oil along the base of the sled. Products like Pam are effective for greasing the toboggan and temporarily reducing friction with the snow. You can also use Pledge furniture polish to the same ends.
Step 3
Apply ski wax for more permanent speed improvements. Specifically designed for use in the snow, ski wax is long-lasting and protects the base of the toboggan from wear and tear. Look for products with a simple application process such as Ski-Go Easy-Glide. Apply the wax evenly to the bottom side of the toboggan using your waxing cork. Hold a hair dryer on low heat close to the surface as you apply the wax. Warming the sled causes the pores of the wood to expand, allowing for the wax to melt and penetrate better.
Step 4
Allow the base to dry for at least 10 minutes after applying the wax. To finish, buff the surface with a nylon ski brush to even out the wax coating. Wait for an hour or more to be certain everything is dry and fully absorbed before putting your speedy toboggan to the test on the slopes.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure your toboggan is in good shape before riding. Always tighten any loose bolts or rivets before you ride. Stow your toboggan in a dry place away from sunlight and lay it flat, if possible. This will help reduce warping over time.
Sledding can lead to injury, especially if you are riding a high-speed toboggan. Be careful when sledding, and only ride in secure areas where there are few trees or roads posing potential hazards.

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