How to Ride a Chairlift

How to Ride a Chairlift
New skiers are often concerned that they will have difficulty getting on and off the chairlift. Though accidents occasionally happen, most skiers find that their fears are unfounded. Once you have the hang of it, you will find that riding the ski lift is enjoyable. You can take in the beautiful view of the mountains and may even meet new friends from all over the world.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Approach the lift line slowly. Watch for other skiers merging into line.
Step 2
Choose a line. There will be a line for singles and one for doubles. If you are riding alone, step into the singles line and call out "single!" so that other single riders may join you. Depending on the capacity of the lift chair, you will ride with one or two other skiers.
Step 3
Use your poles to propel yourself to the loading line and wait for the next chair. Put your ski poles in your inside hand and look over your outside shoulder. Keep your knees bent slightly. Sit down as the chair touches the back of your legs.
Step 4
Reach above your head and pull down the safety bar once you are seated. Use the ski rests if you are uncomfortable with your legs dangling.
Step 5
Remain seated as the lift moves uphill. Avoid bouncing or moving about.
Step 6
Prepare to dismount as you approach the top. Make sure you have all of your belongings and that there are not any loose items of clothing or gear that may snag on the chair as you dismount.
Step 7
Raise the safety bar and place your ski poles in your inside hand.
Step 8
Point the tips of your skis up as you approach the ramp.
Step 9
As your skis touch the ground, come to a standing position. The chair may bump you in the back of the legs, which is normal.
Step 10
Ski down the ramp, turning to the outside.
Step 11
Clear away from the lift area immediately to avoid collision with other skiers.

Tips & Warnings

If you accidentally drop something from the lift, notify the lift attendant at the top.
Be courteous while waiting in line. Do not talk on your cell phone and remain alert.
Do not throw items from the lift; this can be very dangerous for skiers below. Resorts may eject skiers for this violation.

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