How to Pick a Snowboard for Kids

How to Pick a Snowboard for Kids
Unless you're an experienced snowboarder, buying the first snowboard for your child can be a bit difficult. You don't have any idea what you're looking for and want to make sure to get it right so your child has the best experience on the slopes. One factor on your side is that there aren't nearly as many snowboards on the market for kids as there are for adults, and they aren't nearly as specific. The main thing to concern yourself with is getting the right size.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Size your child. Snowboard size is based on both height and weight, so be sure to get your child's measurements before beginning to shop for boards. You can refer to manufacturer sizing guidelines and compare your child's height and weight to get the appropriate size.
Step 2
Use height. For an average-weight child, you could even just use a simple height measurement. A snowboard should come up between the collarbone and nose. For beginners, lean toward the shorter side between the collarbone and chin. If your child won't be at the store with you, take a measurement from the floor to the chin with a tape measure in centimeters. This will be the height of board to look for. Children's boards generally range from 90 centimeters to 150 centimeters.
Step 3
Shop for a good beginner snowboard with some flex. You want your child's first snowboard to be easy to turn and maneuver. Most children's boards will be entry-level, flexible freestyle or all mountain boards, so it won't be difficult to find what you need.
Step 4
Double check your child's boots. The boots should fit across the snowboard without hanging over the edge. They should be roughly equal to the width of the board and shouldn't allow for a lot of room between the toe and edge, either. If there's toe hang, look for a wider board. If the boots don't extend from edge to edge, look for a narrower board. Waist width is the specification that you can compare if you're reading specifications on various boards.
Step 5
Bring your child along. If you're having problems figuring out which board your child will like best, bring him to the shop and allow him to help. While this won't make for the holiday or birthday surprise you might hope for, it will ensure that your child is completely happy with the board and excited to ride.
If you have any doubts, discuss the purchase thoroughly with snowboard shop staff as they'll be the most familiar with the latest boards and can help get you the perfect board for your child.

Tips & Warnings

While you may want to purchase a board a bit longer so that your child can use it for several seasons, avoid getting a board that is too long or your child will have difficulty riding it. Don't get a board that's above the bottom of the nose unless your child is an intermediate or above.

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