How to Use Propane Heaters in a Tent

How to Use Propane Heaters in a TentOne of the principal concerns of winter camping is staying warm. That is as true in arid deserts as it is in snowy highland forests. Many campers prefer to use modern, portable propane heaters to stay warm. These lightweight machines are very efficient and excellent at keeping the insides of even a large tent reasonably warm, but they pose certain risks and are not a good match for small tents.


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Step 1
Attach your heater's propane bottle if it is not already installed. Depending on your heater's format, this could be in the form of a screw-in bottle, a self-sealing disposable canister punctured by the heater, or a valve clamped on by turning a switch.
Step 2
Set up the heater in a part of the tent where it will not come into contact with any sleepers. Clear that area of all gear and other materials. This area should also be flat, so the heater doesn't fall over from slight disturbances.
Step 3
Open the fuel valve, which sometimes also controls the heat setting. If this is the case for your heater, set it to the desired heat level. If not, you can return to do this with that separate knob after the heater is running if you like.
Step 4
Push the starter button on the heater and hold it down. There should be a low clicking noise that will continue until the sparks catch the propane and start the heater.

Tips & Warnings

Even propane heaters emit small amounts of carbon monoxide gas. This dangerous gas will render you unconscious before suffocating you, making it especially dangerous if you are already asleep. Tent heaters should only be used in spacious tents. If you have a two-man pup tent or something even smaller, rely on a well-insulated sleeping bag, bedroll and other aids instead.

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