How to Fish in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

How to Fish in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania
Lake Harmony is a reservoir in eastern Pennsylvania. It is well-stocked and easily accessed by road, making it a popular local fishing spot. Lake Harmony's catch includes king salmon and bluegill. Going on a successful fishing trip there requires all the usual basics for starting at a new fishing spot, such as acquiring a Pennsylvania fishing license and getting some sound angling advice.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Get a Pennsylvania fishing license. These can be applied for either in person at one of more than 1,000 vendors throughout the state or online. The 2009 non-resident fee for a one-day or three-day fishing license was $26.70. For one year, the license costs $52.70. You will also need a trout and salmon permit to fish for those species.
Step 2
Stop by an area bait and tackle shop to inquire about local conditions prior to heading out onto Lake Harmony, in addition to picking up anything you might need. This is always a sound step before exploring a new fishing spot, and if you plan to make an early start on the day you should probably do this the day before. You can even engage a guide if you think that is necessary. Two good options in the area around Lake Harmony are Evening Hatch Fly Shop and A.A. Outfitters Fly Shop.
Step 3
Bring or rent a boat. The shore fishing options from Lake Harmony are limited, so having a boat is necessary to make the most of your trip. You can launch your own boat or rent one from Split Rock Resort boat dock.
Step 4
Fish in compliance with Pennsylvania regulations. For example, snagging is banned in the state. Another regulation is that trout and salmon are in season between April 18 and September 7 in 2009, and there was a daily combined catch limit of five.

Tips & Warnings

Wear a life jacket while fishing Lake Harmony. It may be a reservoir, but accidents still happen and Pennsylvania law requires that you wear a personal flotation device.

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