Bicycle Wheel Rim Repair

Bicycle Wheel Rim Repair
Whether you ride a mountain bike on rough trails or a street bike over asphalt and concrete, it is inevitable that you will suffer the odd bad bump or even crash. One result of these collisions could be a bent or warped bicycle rim. Simple repairs to a bent, wobbly bicycle rim can easily be carried out at home with little more than a spokewrench, although having a truing stand would make the job a lot easier.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Crescent wrench
  • Truing stand (recommended)
  • Spokewrench
Step 1
Take the wheel off the bicycle using the quick-release lever. If there is no such lever, use a crescent wrench. Deflate the tire and remove it.
Step 2
Assess the damage to the rim by checking the spokes around the bend. If the spokes on one side have no tension, the wheel is probably beyond repair and certainly beyond home repair.
Step 3
Place the wheel in a truing stand if you have one. If you don't, you can use a workbench vise; avoid clamping the wheel with a lot of force. Alternatively, try clamping the wheel between your legs if you have nothing else to do the job with.
Step 4
Tighten and loosen the spokes around the bend to adjust the rim back to a straight position. You should do this in small increments, making adjustments with a spokewrench. Set the wrench to the nipple of the spoke at the wheel rim, and make 1/4 turns to the spokes until you have balanced the left and right spokes to equal tension. Turn the spoke left to tighten it and right to loosen it.
Step 5
Put the wheel back on the bicycle, turn the bicycle over, and give the wheel a few spins to see how well you did. If there is no wobble, you have fixed the rim. If you have a truing stand, the measurement prongs on the stand can do this check for you.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

Edwin Thomas has been writing since 1997. His work has appeared in various online publications, including The Black Table, Proboxing-Fans and others. A travel blogger, editor and writer, Thomas has traveled from Argentina to Vietnam in pursuit of stories. He holds a Master of Arts in international affairs from American University.

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