How to Keep Firewood Dry

How to Keep Firewood Dry
The best way to keep firewood dry while in the campground is under some sort of structure. If this is not available, the next best thing is a tarp. If the wood is going to be in the elements it is best to keep it off the ground.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tarps
  • Old two-man or child's tent (optional)
Step 1
Build a platform to stack the firewood on. This can be done by taking two or three medium sized pieces of firewood and laying long 2- to 3-inch diameter branches across them perpendicularly. The platform does not need to be high or pretty. Just enough to keep the firewood stacked on it off the ground.
Step 2
Stack the firewood on the platform. Stack different sizes of firewood together to make it easier to grab a handful in the dark. If it is a large stack, gathered for several days, create space between stacks for ventilation and do not stack the firewood higher than 4 feet.
Step 3
Cover the firewood with the tarps. If it is a large stack, ensure the top is covered well but leave areas on the sides exposed for ventilation. Smaller stacks that can be covered easily with one tarp can be completely covered for short durations. If the firewood is going to be exposed to the sun throughout the day, uncover the stack's sides or uncover the stack completely to facilitate drying and ventilation.
Step 4
Hold the tarps down by adding a couple of pieces of firewood to the top of the tarp's corners. The wind can blow the sides because the ventilation is good for the firewood. It will do the wood much more good than a little rain will do it harm.

Tips & Warnings

Consider using an old child's tent or two-man tent for firewood or other storage during inclement weather when camping. The room and weight that a small spare tent takes up when packed earns its weight in gold when needed.

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