How to Convert Shoe Size to Snowboard Boot Size

How to Convert Shoe Size to Snowboard Boot SizeWhile converting shoe size to snowboard boot size sounds like a mathematical equation, it's not mathematical at all. On the surface, snowboard boots are sized the same as shoes, so you can use your shoe size as a starting point. Unlike shoes, however, snowboard boots can't run on the loose side and need to fit snugly, keeping your foot firmly in place. Therefore, snowboard boots are more about fitting than sizing.


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Step 1
Start with your shoe size. When you go to the shop to buy snowboard boots, find a model or two that you're interested in and begin by trying on boots in your size. If you're not sure of your size, have shop staff measure your feet.
Step 2
Put each boot on the appropriate foot and tighten completely as if you were about to ride. Pull the inner laces taught, tie or lock them in place and then repeat for the outer lacing.
Step 3
Check the fit closely. This is where snowboard boot size and shoe size differ a bit. You need to really be sure the boot fits closely around your foot without allowing your foot to move around. Your toes should be touching the front of the boot, but shouldn't be crunched or curled.
Step 4
Bend your knees and lean onto your toes. Be sure that your heel doesn't slide up the back of the boot. If your heel slides, try a smaller size.
Step 5
Walk around in the boot to verify that it's comfortable. While you want a tight fit, you don't want the boot bearing down on your foot or ankle to the point that it's causing pressure points. The boot should keep your foot in place, but still allow for comfort when walking and riding.
Step 6
Try the boots with your bindings. In addition to fitting you, the boots need to fit your bindings. Try stepping into each binding with the boots on and ensure that the bindings fully secure around the boot. Bend forwards and make sure there's no pressure points caused by the boot-binding interface.

Tips & Warnings

Remember boot size is just a guideline and different boots will fit differently. Always try the boots on and test them out thoroughly before buying.
If you fall between sizes, it's best to opt for the smaller size. Boots will stretch with use and your boots need to provide a snug fit or your snowboarding will suffer.
Riding in boots that are too large can be difficult and dangerous.
When trying on boots, wear the socks that you plan to wear snowboarding.

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