How to Put Pegs on a Bike

How to Put Pegs on a Bike
Bike pegs are sometimes added to a bike to allow the cyclist to perform tricks. The pegs can also serve as footholds for a passenger. You usually install the pegs toward the rear of the bike, although some bikes feature pegs at both the rear and front. Bike pegs are quick and easy to install and require only a few common tools. Whether you're installing pegs at the front or rear of your bike, the process is the same.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Socket
  • Socket extension
Step 1
Loosen the axle nuts using a ratchet wrench and the appropriate sized socket. The size of the socket will vary depending on the size of the nuts. These nuts secure your wheels to the bicycle frame. If there are any washers, leave them in place.
Step 2
Slide the bike pegs over the axle, one on each side of the wheel. Ensure that the pegs are flush against the axle base.
Step 3
Reinstall the nuts. If space allows, tighten the nuts as much as you can with your fingers to ensure the nut and thread are mating properly. Using an appropriate sized socket, socket extension and ratchet, finish tightening the nuts.
Step 4
Test each peg before you ride by placing your full weight on them. If you notice any movement, tighten the appropriate nut.


Article Written By Matthew Ferguson

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