Advice on Stacking Firewood Outdoors

Advice on Stacking Firewood OutdoorsWood stoves are a cheap alternative to heat your home in the cold winter months. Whether you decide to buy wood from a distributor or cut it yourself, it will need to be stored for use at your home. Unless stacked correctly and in a suitable place firewood can become a hassle with piles all over the yard and stacks continuously falling down. There are a few methods to stack firewood compact and efficiently so it won't pile up and take up to much space around your house.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Axe
  • Anchor, such as a tree, fence post, or telephone pole
  • Flat vertical platform, such as the side of a building or fence
Step 1
Split wood into quarters, about 15 inches long
Step 2
Begin stacking wood starting at one anchor extending it to the other anchor ideally 6-to-10 feet long. Stack one full row between the anchors and pressed against a vertical platform to get started.
Step 3
Stack wood up from the ground wedging pieces together to form a tight, strong stack.
Step 4
Level the stack off at about 5 feet high.
Step 5
If more wood is remaining, start another stack directly in front of your first one, using it as your vertical platform.

Tips & Warnings

Stacking wood on the side of the house will work as a good anchor and vertical platform and reduce exposure to wind, lessening chances of a stack falling down.
Wear leather gloves when stacking wood to avoid splinters.

Article Written By Tyler Nall

Tyler Nall is a forestry technician and outdoor enthusiast. He received his Bachelor of Science at the University of Oregon with majors in psychology and sociology. Nall started writing professionally in 2004 and currently writes for various websites.

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