How to Open a Bike Lock

How to Open a Bike Lock
Unfortunately, using a bike lock is a necessity in a dishonest world. In order to properly protect your bike, you want to lock it up with at least one lock. Knowing how to quickly and effectively open the lock will get you back onto the road.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Determine the mechanism by which your bike lock is secured. Bike locks feature a built-in combination or key lock or require the use of a separate lock. Prior to taking your first bike ride with your new lock, determine if you need a separate lock and verify how it opens and locks. Cables or chains that feature two loops at the end require a separate lock.
Step 2
Insert the key. On a key-based lock, insert and turn the key to open the lock.
Step 3
Remove the lock. If you're using a cable or chain lock with a separate lock, pull the lock open and take it off. You can then remove the chain from the bike.
Step 4
Open the lock. For U-locks, simply unlock using the key, then pull the shaft off the lock and release your bike.
Step 5
Set the combination. For bike locks that use a combination mechanism, be sure to set the lock to something easy to remember (but not to easy to crack). Align each digit of your combination to unlock, then pull the lock open. When locking, be sure to mix up the numbers so the lock doesn't automatically pop open.

Tips & Warnings

Store your keys in a safe place.
Be sure to lock up all the removable parts on your bike, using several locks when possible.
Read up on the correct way to lock your bike and be sure to properly position the locks for the safest results.

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