How to Dismantle a Abu Garcia Revo Reel

How to Dismantle a Abu Garcia Revo Reel
Abu Garcia Revo reels are low-profile baitcast reels. Revo reels are gaining in popularity among anglers because the low profile is more comfortable in your hand and their oversize main drive gear gives them more fighting power. Abu Garcia Revo reels require maintenance. To clean the reel, it must be dismantled, which can be tricky because of design. For general oiling, all points can be reached without dismantling the reel.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Screwdriver
Step 1
Remove the palming plate. Loosen the palming plate thumbscrew until you can turn the plate. Turn it until it comes off.
Step 2
Remove the spool by sliding it from the spindle. Set it aside. Clean any dirt and debris from the spindle and spool.
Step 3
Locate the Phillips head screw near the pinion gear hole. Often, the factory installs this screw tightly, so be careful not to strip it. Apply plenty of pressure as you turn the screw, and go slowly.
Step 4
Remove the crank side assemblies. Place these aside in a cup.
Step 5
Remove the final two screws from the reel. Again, be careful not to strip the heads.
Step 6
Lift the cast control cap and slide the crank side plate from the reel. This exposes many of the reel's small parts. Be careful that nothing falls out. The reel is now dismantled.

Tips & Warnings

Get the schematics for your Abu Garcia Revo online at
Replacement parts are available direct from Abu Garcia.


Article Written By Bryan Hansel

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