How to Install a Child Bike Seat

How to Install a Child Bike Seat
Bike seats for infants are a great way to get your child outdoors while allowing you to get some exercise on your bicycle. Installing your bicycle seat properly is important from a safety standpoint. Here are some general guidelines.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bike seat
  • Bicycle
  • Hex wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
Step 1
Assemble the carrier's tube clamp. Virtually every design of bicycle seat utilizes a clamp that hooks onto the seatpost tube as the primary means of securing the seat. Seats will come with different sized clamps to accommodate different size tubes. Choose one that is the correct size for your bike, then clamp it onto the tube, about 30mm beneath the point where the top tube enters the seatpost tube. Most are secured in place with a hex bolt. Tighten them using the correct size of wrench.
Step 2
Insert the support arm platform assembly of the seat into the seatpost clamp so that it extends backwards over the rear tire. The arms will be clamped into the seatpost clamp with the use of hex bolts. Tighten them with the correct size hex wrench.
Step 3
Bolt the child safety straps onto the platform assembly as directed in the seat's instructions. In most cases, the front strap is bolted onto the platform and the other safety straps are secured to the seat.
Step 4
Bolt the seat onto the platform with the seat's included hardware. Tighten the hardware with the proper tools--typically hex wrenches and screwdrivers are required.
Step 5
Secure the seat's straps onto the seat, following manufacturer's instructions be certain the straps are tightly secured and will not pull out.
Step 6
Place the seat cushions onto the seat and test fit with your child. Take the bike and seat for a test ride before trying it with your child, and then start small with your trips, since the bike will handle differently with the weight of the child on the back.

Tips & Warnings

Follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.
Your child should always wear a helmet when riding.

Article Written By Nichole Liandi

Based in Virginia, Nichole Liandi has been a freelance writer since 2005. Her articles have appeared on various print and online publications. Liandi has traveled extensively in Europe and East Asia and incorporates her experiences into her articles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from West Virginia University.

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