Recipes for Ski Wax

Recipes for Ski Wax
Making your own ski wax, or klister, is a great way to fine-tune its qualities. For example, if you want your wax to be a little more or less sticky to match the local conditions, you can simply whip up your own the evening before you head out to the slopes. Since klister can be made in your kitchen using mostly common ingredients, the homemade version is much more cost effective than keeping an inventory of store-bought varieties for every possible circumstance.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Base Wax with Spruce Resin

Things You’ll Need:
  • Common Items:
  • Double boiler
  • Iron ladle
  • Bowl
  • Spruce Wax:
  • Bar of soap
  • Grater
  • 5 lbs. unscented votive candles
  • Knife
  • Tray
  • 1 1/2 to 2 tbsp. Spruce resin
  • Blender
  • Pine Tar Wax:
  • 2 tbsp. pine tar
  • Shellac flakes
Step 1
Grate a bar of plain soap and put the shavings into a bowl.
Step 2
Cut the unscented votive candles down the middle, extract their wicks, then set the candles in a tray.
Step 3
Warm the spruce resin on your stovetop in a double boiler. Since the fumes can be noxious, work outdoors on a portable stove if at all possible; if not, work in a well-ventilated space indoors.
Step 4
Drop your candle halves into the spruce resin one at a time. As soon as one has melted in the pot, stir the mixture, then add another candle. Skim any debris off the top from time to time with an iron ladle.
Step 5
Combine the soap flakes gradually, stirring constantly.
Step 6
Pour the melted mixture into a blender, and mix quickly and thoroughly. Pour the mixture into a bowl before it starts to cool and thicken.
Step 7
Using the iron ladle, skim off any foam or scum that forms on the top after 2 or 3 minutes. Allow the wax mixture to set in a freezer overnight.

Klister with Pine Tar

Step 1
Pour pine tar into a double boiler and warm.
Step 2
Add flakes of shellac to the pine tar slowly and steadily, stirring constantly with an iron ladle. Do not stop until you have reached a consistency akin to a thick layer of hot mozzarella cheese.
Step 3
Pour the mixture into a bowl, and set in the freezer overnight.

Tips & Warnings

Take extreme care with your heat settings during this process, as you are working with highly flammable materials and could start a grease fire. If the pot is giving off more than a modest amount of visible fumes, turn the heat down for a little while as a safety precaution. You will need to turn it back up again later to keep the liquid from solidifying, but you don't want to let it get too hot.
Use caution when mixing the hot wax in your blender, as hot liquids can build up heat in a blender and explode. To be safe, work in small batches, but work quickly so the wax does not harden.
Keep a Class B fire extinguisher handy throughout this process.

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