How to Bait Hooks With Nightcrawlers

How to Bait Hooks With Nightcrawlers
Nightcrawlers are a variety of earthworm with an average length of 8 to 15 cm. These long worms are often used as bait when fishing for large fish such as largemouth bass. The technique used when baiting a hook with a live nightcrawler is important because the movement of the worm will attract fish and natural-looking movement will increase the likelihood of a successful catch.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Locate the head of the nightcrawler. Earthworms have a thick band around their bodies that separates the head from the tail. The head of the earthworm is generally on the shorter side of the worm extending from this band.
Step 2
Hold the nightcrawler firmly in one hand while holding the fishing hook in your other hand.
Step 3
Push the hook through the head of the nightcrawler once. This will allow the tail of the nightcrawler to wriggle in the water and attract fish.

Tips & Warnings

You may need to use a sinker or bobber to keep the nightcrawler at the proper depth during fishing.

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