How to Fit Snow Shoes

How to Fit Snow Shoes
Snow shoeing is the perfect way to enjoy fresh powder, a snowy slope or a cold winter's day. But you need the right snow shoe to match your style and preference. Consider back country, trekking, racing and recreational snow shoes. You also need to check your weight to determine the best fit. The more you weigh, the more surface area you need on your snow shoe to properly distribute your weight on the snow.


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Step 1
Weigh yourself to determine the size snow shoe you need. The heavier you are, the more surface area your shoe should have.
Step 2
Decide what length snow shoes you need. The width is proportional to the length. According to, if you weigh between 80 to 160 pounds, you might need a 20 to 22 inch shoe. Visit their website for more information on sizing. There will be gaps and overlap in weight and you may need to go up or down a size depending on the terrain, slopes and type of excursion you're planning.
Step 3
Look for a style that fits your needs. If you want to snow shoe on packed trails for leisure, you might want a recreational shoe with a wide and rounded tail. Racing snow shoes are short and lightweight with a tapered tail and built for speed. Trek snow shoes also have a tapered tail for speed and are better suited for a workout in the snow. Finally, backcountry snow shoes are lightweight with a rounded tail and durable for a variety of terrain.
Step 4
Place your snow shoes on flat surface and loosen the straps. Put the center of your heel over the shoe and work the ball of your foot on the rotation strap.
Step 5
Tighten the straps, adjust buckles and bindings until your snow shoe fits snugly on your foot. It may take some practice to fasten and release the bindings and determine the best fit for your foot.
Step 6
Walk around to make sure your foot does not slide around in the bindings. If possible, rent the snow shoes you want and practice in the snow before purchasing.

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