How Do You Throw Casting Nets?

How Do You Throw Casting Nets?
It's not hard to understand why live bait fishing is so popular. Fish prefer the real thing, and any angler who uses minnows, worms, or crayfish is more likely to catch his limit. The downside is that live bait isn't cheap, since minnows sell for up to $1 each. This makes casting nets a great investment. With a good net and the right technique, you can get all the bait you want, anytime you need it. Learn how to hold it, and when to throw it, and your casting net will pay for itself many times over.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Casting net
Step 1
Clinch the loop and coil the hand line. If you're right-handed, cinch the loop at the end of the hand line around your right wrist (do the opposite if you're left-handed). Use your left hand to coil the line into your right hand, in small loops, until you reach the swivel.
Step 2
Grab the net below the horn. With the coiled hand line in your right hand, grab the horn of the net with your left hand. Place the netting that falls directly below the horn into your right hand, on top of the coiled hand line.
Step 3
Lift the net and grab the center. Raise your right hand until the bottom of the net is off the ground and circle the center of the net with the thumb and third finger of your left hand. Move the center section to your right hand and grasp it tightly, making a coil as you do it.
Step 4
Grab the leaded bottom of the net several times. Spread the bottom of the net and grab the leaded line, in the center, with your left hand. Place it in the palm of your upturned right hand so it falls over you fingers. Do this several more times by grabbing the bottom of the net that's opposite your body.
Step 5
Grasp the remaining net in your left hand. On the side of the net that's closest to you, gather a bundle at its midpoint and lift it so it's waist high.
Step 6
Rotate your body as you release the net. Coil your body by rotating your upper torso backward. Then uncoil it as you rotate forward, releasing the net as your right hand crosses over your left. As the net leaves your hands, it should spin and open like an umbrella.

Tips & Warnings

Training aids are available to help you develop good throwing technique (see
Check the laws in your state before using a casting net. It's illegal in some areas of the country.

Article Written By Dan Eash

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