How to Catch Cod Fish

How to Catch Cod FishCod have long been one of the most popular fish in the world, due in large part to their hefty size and tasty, dense flesh. This makes them a popular catch for anglers living near the cold, northern seas where cod-fishing grounds are found. Cod can be caught from boats or from the shore, but in both cases there are special challenges for the angler hoping to bring home a cod for the dinner table.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod rated for 50 lbs. or greater
  • Worms, squid or mussels
  • Heavy sinkers
Step 1
New England, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest are the best places to fish for cod. Cod like cold water.
Step 2
Cod also like deep water. If you are not fishing off a boat, find a pier or a cliff where the shelf drops off into deep water quickly. Consider 100 feet to be a minimum depth for good cod fishing. Underwater boulders, gravel patches with kelp and ship wrecks are good places to target for cod.
Step 3
Use a fishing rod that is rated for at least 50 lbs. Cod are big, strong swimmers who like rough conditions.
Step 4
Bait your hook with worms, squid or mussels. Cod are substantial fish, so use big bait. A foot-long worm is the norm, for example.
Step 5
Use heavy sinkers. Because cod are deep-water fish, your line needs to go deep as well.
Step 6
Cod are predictable fish. If you manage to catch one in a particular stretch of bottom, take note of that area and try it again.
Step 7
Wait before reeling a cod in. Expect a cod to give you thump or two followed by a full pull when it bites. Let the cod take out a few feet of line before snagging it.

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