How to Use Gudebrod Fishing Pole Supplies

How to Use Gudebrod Fishing Pole Supplies
Gudebrod is known in the fishing world for their quality products. Their color preservers and varnishes are great for keeping your rod in pristine condition. Their nylon threads are strong and brightly colored, and make for excellent wraps. Gudebrod also makes excellent fishing tackle, specifically designed for trolling and fly-fishing. Gudebrod supplies can usually be found in most sporting goods stores and especially online.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Protect your Rod with Varnish

Things You’ll Need:
  • Gudebrod varnish
  • Soft small Brush
  • Gudebrod wrap
  • Epoxy finish
  • Backing
  • Gudebrod leadcore trolling line
  • Ball-bearing swivel
Step 1
Before using, always test varnish or other coatings on scrap metal and a sample of your thread to determine what effect the varnish will have. If the varnish changes the thread color, seal the thread with clear-nail varnish or PVA wood glue.
Step 2
Start the varnishing process by applying a thinly brushed coat onto your whippings. Be sure to hold the brush in your hand while turning the rod.
Step 3
Cover the rest of the rod with varnish and let dry. Apply more layers of varnish, but use thinners to dilute each subsequent layer. Allow to dry for the appropriate time between each varnish application.

Create your own wrap

Step 1
Select the colors and consider the type of design you want. Many people enjoy making snakeskin patterns, or create grips to resemble their favorite fish.
Step 2
Plan out the pattern. You can look online to get ideas and see what others have done.
Wrap one of the colored threads around the grip, forming the base of the pattern. If you are a novice, you may want to start with simple design, like diamonds. Repeat this process using the other colored strings until your pattern is complete.
Step 3
Use an epoxy finish, which will set everything in place. Set the rod between two items, to prevent it from touching the ground as it dries. Rotate the rod 45 degrees every half hour for several hours to ensure even drying.

Use a leadcore trolling line

Step 1
Select and put on your backing. For example, use a superline or a braided line. Your backing should always be designed for more than your leadcore weighs. If you have a 27-pound leadcore, use a 30-pound backing. Tie your leadcore onto your backing using a strong knot.
Step 2
Line the reel, placing steady pressure on the leadcore. When you reach the length you'd like, cut the core and remove the lead.
Step 3
Tie a less heavy monofilament leader and reel in 45 or 50 feet. Tie a ball-bearing swivel onto the end.

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