Homemade Canvas Camping Tents

Homemade Canvas Camping Tents
There is no reason to stay home and watch reruns on the tube when for a few dollars you can build yourself a basic tent and enjoy the outdoors. Using canvas and materials found at any hardware or camping store, complete novices can practice their own version of Whitman's barbaric yawp while lying comfortably underneath a starry night.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two 10-foot pieces of acrylic canvas
  • 30 feet of tent cord
  • Four one-foot lengths of cord
  • Four nine-inch tent stakes
Step 1
Choose a level space between two trees at least 11 feet apart. Clear the area in between of any debris. Tie one end of the tent cord around a tree. Use a knot that will not slip, such as a bowline. Tie the other end to the other tree. Keep the rope level. Make sure this line is very tight. If using the tent for four people, tie the cord low on the trunks to provide more space.
Step 2
Put one piece of canvas over this cord. Set the canvas so that is of equal lengths on each side of the cord. Grabbing a corner of the tarp, bunch it together, wrap a one foot length of cord around it three times and tie a knot. Repeat this on each corner.
Step 3
Lay the second piece of canvas on the ground. Set the center of this piece directly under the cord tied to the trees. Drive each of the four tent stakes into the ground at the corners of this ground cloth. If your canvas has grommets, drive these stakes through them and into the ground to secure the ground cloth in position.
Step 4
Attach each of the one-foot sections of cord to a tent stake. Tie an adjustable loop knot, such as a taut-line hitch, before doing so. Once each section of cord is attached to a tent stake, draw the loop of the knot toward the tent, tightening the tent cover.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid using regular canvas as it is more prone to mildew.
Walking around a campsite after dark can result in injury from tripping over tent stakes and cords. Purchase reflective tent cords, and attach reflective stickers to tent spikes.

Article Written By Mike Biscoe

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