How to Get Off a Ski Chairlift

How to Get Off a Ski Chairlift
Chairlifts at ski resorts eliminate the need to trudge up the side of a mountain after each exhilarating downhill run. That makes mastering getting on and off the lifts second in importance only to learning the basics of skiing. It is awkward at first, but getting off the lift is easy and after a few tries you will be doing it like an old pro.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Talk to your co-riders on the chairlift as you approach the landing area so you can get ready to dismount at the same time.
Step 2
Lift the safety bar together with the other people on the chairlift.
Step 3
Set your skis down so they can come into contact with the landing. Do not lean forward. Simply wait for the landing to make good contact with your skis.
Step 4
Stand up when you feel your balance start to shift because of the contact between the landing area and your skis.
Step 5
Keep moving and get off the landing area. Do not stop once you are on your feet and off the chair, since that will block either the other people on the chairlift, the people on the chairlift behind you or both.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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