How to Get to Kanchanaburi

How to Get to Kanchanaburi
Kanchanaburi is the capital of the province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. The city is home to the Khwae Yai and Khwae Noi rivers, World War II landmarks where several Hollywood movies have been made. The rivers and the nearby forests offer numerous hiking and walking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. At night, the city's downtown district is a bustling hub of activity. Tourists can take various modes of transportation to get to Kanchanaburi.


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Step 1
Travel to Thailand. Most major international airlines fly in and out of Bangkok regularly. Save money by avoiding Bangkok's peak travel period between November and March. If you are already in Asia, bus travel is available from nearby countries such as Malaysia. Alternatively, some Asian countries like Cambodia have chartered taxi services between their major internal cities and Bangkok.
Step 2
Catch a train to Kanchanaburi. This is the best option for those traveling from Bangkok as well as other cities along the State Railway of Thailand's (SRT) Bangkok Noi--Nam Tok metro line. Stops include Lang Suan, Tha Chana and Hua Hin. Purchase a fare ticket for the SRT's southern line at the SRT train station in your Thai city. As of October 2009, the fare for traveling from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi is 133 Thai bahts. This typically equates to USD $3 to $5.
Step 3
Book a tourist train trip with the SRT. The government offers this route during select tourists seasons along the regular Noi-Nam Tok line. Call the SRT's Kanchanaburi train station from within Thailand at 0-3451-1285 to see if it is available. Prices typically run between 300 and 400 Thai bahts.
Step 4
Ride a bus to Kanchanaburi. This option is best for those who are traveling on a budget and don't want to pay a premium for the train's faster transit time. As of October 2009, bus fare is typically 40 to 50 bahts. This equates to USD $1 to $2. Bus service runs regularly between major stops such as Bankok's northern and southern bus terminals, Ayuthaya connection stops and Sangkhlaburi. Ticket counters and current bus timetables are available at the station.
Step 5
Travel by bus and train. A multi-mode travel itinerary is best for those who need to get to or leave Kanchanaburi quickly, but don't mind a longer transit time on the other leg of the journey. The Kanchanaburi train station and bus station are just 1.2 miles apart, and tourists can easily walk between the two.

Tips & Warnings

The SRT's Noi-Nam Tok line (see Step 2) passes through Kanchanaburi's famous Khwae River bridge district, which was controlled by Japanese forces during World War II.
The SRT's Noi-Nam Tok line (see Step 2) passes through Kanchanaburi's famous Khwae River bridge district, which was controlled by Japanese forces during World War II.

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