How to Burp a Dometic Trailer Refrigerator

How to Burp a Dometic Trailer Refrigerator
Dometic trailer refrigerators work differently than house refrigerators, enabling them to work off AC, DC, or LP gas. Unlike house refrigerators, Dometic trailer refrigerators use a gravity and vapor system to provide cooling. In order to work properly, Dometic refrigerators must be kept level. When allowed to sit unleveled for an extended length of time, even when not in operation, the cooling lines clog. When the lines are clogged, the refrigerator either does not work or fails to cool efficiently. The purpose of burping the refrigerator is to remove the clog.


Difficulty: Challenging

Removing the Refrigerator

Things You’ll Need:
  • Screw driver set
  • Wrench set
Step 1
Turn off the gas at the LP tank.
Step 2
Access the back of the refrigerator through the access panel on the exterior of the trailer. Refer to your trailer's manual, if you are unsure where the access panel is located.
Step 3
Disconnect the AC line, DC line, and the gas line at the back of the refrigerator, using a screw driver and wrench. Screw driver and wrench sizes needed vary by the particular Dometic refrigerator model. Cap off the gas line.
Step 4
Go back inside the trailer. Unscrew the screws holding the refrigerator inside the trailer's refrigerator housing. The screws are usually located on the front, exterior of the refrigerator, around the door and are often covered with plastic caps. The plastic caps pull off without the use of tools. The type and size of the screws differ with various models of Dometic refrigerators.
Step 5
Pull the silicone seal surrounding the refrigerator off and set aside, if installed. Slide the refrigerator out of the trailer's refrigerator housing. Have a friend help you if possible, because even small trailer refrigerators are heavy.

Burping the Refrigerator

Step 1
Place the refrigerator upside down on the ground. Leave the refrigerator upside down for 24 hours.
Step 2
Turn the refrigerator right side up and let it sit for another 24 hours.
Step 3
Reinstall the refrigerator back inside the trailer, following the removal instructions in reverse.

Tips & Warnings

Dometic refrigerators with square boiler box covers may not be able to be repaired by burping, according to Dometic.
LP gas is flammable. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the LP gas system on your trailer before attempting to remove the refrigerator.

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