How to Use a Casting Net

How to Use a Casting Net
Most people limit recreational fishing to a rod and reel, but some people prefer a different method. Casting nets are a very effective alternative way to catch fish. Learning how to throw one of these nets is so easy that you will be a competent net caster after only a handful of tries.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Put the net's loop around your non-throwing wrist, which is the left wrist for right-handed people. Tighten the loop so it won't slide off your hand when you throw the net.
Step 2
Drop the net between your feet and straighten the net and line out. Coil the line up into untangled, even coils in your left hand. Keep coiling until the net's "throat," or base, is in your left hand.
Step 3
Hold the line coil and throat up and reach down along the net with your throwing hand until you reach groin level. Coil that as well and clutch it in your left hand.
Step 4
Use your fingers to bundle up small snatches of the remaining net from the side until you have half the net clutched in your throwing hand. Keep an eye out for tangling, and sort that out as it arises.
Step 5
Roll that bundle of netting from Step 4 over your left thumb.
Step 6
Clench the weighted bottom of the net in your teeth. Take the bundle of netting you turned over your left thumb in Step 5 back into your throwing hand.
Step 7
Wind up for the throw by twisting your torso to the left. Throw the net by pitching your torso back towards and completely around towards the right, extending your arms at the end and letting go of the net. Most of the throwing energy should come from moving your body weight and not the strength in your arms.

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