How to Build a Camping Storage Box

How to Build a Camping Storage BoxA camping storage box can be a useful tool when it comes to keeping things organized and protected on a camping trip. On the drive to the camping spot, it can house everything from utensils to food. At the campsite, it can provide useful organization space for everything from pots and pans to lighter fluid, flashlight and compass. The camping storage box also provides a clean surface on which to prepare food.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to Build a Camping Storage Box

Things You’ll Need:
  • 7 wood planks
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • 16 metal brackets
  • 4 hinges
  • 2 mini-chains
  • 2 tightening straps
Step 1
Attach two one-inch thick planks of wood, 2 1/2-feet long by 2 1/2-feet wide, to two planks that are one-inch thick, 2 1/2-feet wide and 3 1/2-feet wide. The two former planks will be the sides of your box, the two latter planks will form the bottom and back. Use standard nails to attach the planks. When completed, your box should be missing its front and its top.
Step 2
Use two metal brackets on each side to attach a 2 1/2-foot long, 3 1/2-foot wide plank to the middle of the box, creating a shelf dividing the top half of the box from the bottom half. A good metal bracket is the Simpson Strong-Tie (heavy angle). Two on each side make four brackets total.
Step 3
Create the top of the box by using nails to attach a 3 1/2-foot long, 2 1/2-foot wide plank to the top. Your box should be missing only its front.
Step 4
Reinforce the nails on the outside of the box with metal brackets. Attach two metal brackets to each edge for a total of 16 brackets along all eight edges. You should now have a box that is securely held together but lacking a front side.
Step 5
Attach a one-inch thick plank of wood that is 2 1/2-feet wide and 3 1/2-feet wide to the box. This is your box's front flap. To attach, use hinges on the bottom of your box. Four hinges are recommended for added strength. Attach a mini-chain to the frontal top corners, just inside the box, and to the two top inside corners of the front plank. Make sure the chains are 3 1/2-feet long. This will mean that when you open the front side, it can double as a table surface.
Step 6
Use two tightening straps to hold the box shut. Wrap the straps around the box, with the strap-tighteners in the front.

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