How to Do Snow Blade Tricks

How to Do Snow Blade Tricks
Snow blades combine the technology of standard skis and snowboards. Also referred to as ski boards, snow blades are roughly half the length of regular skis and feature a twin-tip design perfect for tricks on the slopes. Snow blades allow more range of motion and maneuverability. You can use them to carve down vertical alpine slopes and perform tricks off of jump ramps or half pipes.


Difficulty: Challenging

3 Standard Snow Blade Tricks

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snow Blades
Step 1
Start your trick repertoire by learning to perform a tail-grab. Accelerate down the slope toward a jump ramp, bending at the knees for balance. Lunge up using your legs to drive you into the air as you hit the jump. Tuck your legs up to the left or right side of your body, reaching down with the corresponding hand to grab the tail of your snow blade. Hold the tail through the jump as you float in midair. Release the tail as you start to come down and get your feet back under you with your legs braced for impact to complete the landing.
Step 2
Master the twin-turn trick. Build up speed as you come down the slope toward the jump ramp. Explode with your legs as you hit the jump to get more air. Extend your arms up to the sides for balance and show as you float midair. At the same time, straighten your legs and bring your snow blades together. Quickly twist the blades to the left and back to the right in a twin-turn motion mimicking a propeller. Get your feet centered and bend at the knees as you start to come down, bracing for impact.
Step 3
Step up the difficulty level with a 360-degree trick on your snow blades. Accelerate down the slope toward the jump ramp, building up as much speed as possible. Thrust with your legs as you swing your torso and upper body to the right in a corkscrew motion to start the 360 spin. Bring your body around full circle in midair, using the momentum from the original spinning thrust as you jumped to turn yourself around. Look down to get an idea of where the ground is as you complete the motion. Brace yourself and bend at the knees as you land to absorb the impact.

Tips & Warnings

Mastering these tricks takes a lot of practice. Be patient and don't give up if you struggle at first. You will get it eventually if you stick with it.
Be aware of the risks associated with skiing, snowboarding and snow blades. These sports can result in serious injury. Wear appropriate winter gear and never push yourself to perform a trick beyond your physical capabilities.

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