How to Fix Small Holes in an RV Awning

How to Fix Small Holes in an RV Awning
The old rule about a stitch in time saving nine is well-applied to RV awnings. Exposed to the elements and prone to damage from falling tree limbs, the awning for your RV is likely to get small holes and tears. There are methods for both short-term and long-term awning repair, and both are pretty easy to carry out.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Nonabrasive soap
  • Old rags
  • Roll of awning repair tape
  • Section of matching fabric
  • Scissors
  • Canvas adhesive/outdoor glue
Step 1
Clean the area around the hole or tear with a nonabrasive soap using an old rag. Then rinse it and dry it out using more rags. Allow the cleaned area to finish drying in the sun before proceeding.
Step 2
Temporarily patch the hole by applying a strip of awning repair tape to the front and back of the area around the hole. This tape will last for at least the next few months or even longer if your awning is in storage for much of the time, so it will easily see you through to a more lasting repair.
Step 3
Remove the tape when you are ready to make a long-term repair. Be gentle to avoid further damage to the fabric.
Step 4
Cut two patches from material that matches your awning, sized to cover the tear or hole. These will be used to create a more lasting repair of the awning.
Step 5
Smear canvas adhesive or another outdoor glue onto one side of each patch. Press the first patch onto the outside of the awning's hole or tear, and then press the other patch onto the inside of the awning to match it. This will stick the patches to both the awning and to each other, creating a long-lasting bond. That will fix the problem for virtually the lifetime of the awning as a whole.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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