How to Store White Gas

How to Store White GasWhite gas is a flammable liquid used to fuel many types of camping and backpacking stoves. Although the fuel isn't explosive, white gas is easily ignited and burns very hot, making it a serious fire hazard if used or stored incorrectly. The fuel is generally bought in metal cans; use these containers for long-term storage, and use caution when operating any camping cook stove.


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Step 1
Use approved fuel bottles when packing white gas for camping use. These containers are generally made of an inert metal like aluminum, and most backpacking stove manufacturers make bottles made specifically for their stoves. Never store fuel in water bottles or other food containers.
Step 2
Replace the fuel bottle cap after cooking with white gas. Although many stoves use sealed pressurizing caps, the moving parts in these pumps make them unreliable.
Step 3
Don't use stove fuel bottles to store white gas for long periods. After your camping trip, pour the fuel back into its original metal container and allow the bottles to air-dry.
Step 4
Store white gas in a cool, dry environment. Keep the fuel a safe distance from any heat source, electrical wires or direct sunlight.
Step 5
Check the white gas container often. Look for corrosion on the metal and tighten the cap, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

Don't over-pressurize fuel bottles when cooking, and release the pressure slowly after disconnecting the stove.

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