The Best Way to Tie a Fishing Lure

The Best Way to Tie a Fishing LureNo fisherman wants to lose a lure the first time out because of a poorly tied knot that cannot withstand either the strain of a fighting fish or the strain of trying to fee a snagged hook. Use a clinch knot to tie your lure to your line or to tie your swivel to your line to greatly reduce the number of lost lures from such scenarios. Many anglers prefer to utilize a swivel, which snaps open quickly, allowing the fisherman to change a lure easily. Others will tie a lure right to the line, feeling that it gives the lure a more natural motion as it is reeled in. The clinch knot is an excellent knot for these purposes.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Thread the end of your monofilament line through the eye of the swivel or the eye of the lure. Pass it through so that you have enough line to work with to tie your knot (3 or 4 inches).
Step 2
Take the line and wrap it around the line that is going into the eye at least five times. Wrap the line methodically and make certain that none of these loops are too loose or go over the top of other loops. When the time comes you want these loops to slide down the line easily towards the eye of the swivel or lure.
Step 3
Ease the end of the line through the loop now closest to the eye of your swivel or lure. Push it through and then pass it back through the much larger loop that this action forms.
Step 4
Pull the line tight now while you run the five loops down with your other hands towards the eye of the swivel or the lure. Once you have pulled the knot closed trim the excess line with a pair of nail clippers and you have your clinch knot in place to hold your lure.

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