How to Cruise to Mexico

How to Cruise to Mexico
A cruise to Mexico is ostensibly as simple as book passage, get on the boat and set sail, but the key to a great cruise is in careful planning. Time invested considering the details and nuances will ensure a less stressful more enjoyable cruise and provide maximum time to discover Mexico.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Travel agent
  • Travel agent
Step 1
Determine how many will be traveling, as well as each traveler's age. Agree on the length of the cruise to Mexico and when to set sail.
Step 2
Establish the total cruise budget. Include the major expenditures like transportation from home to the port of departure and the cost of ship board passage. Remember to thoroughly calculate the incidentals as well. Tips, taxis and trinkets can be budget busters; make sure to allocate adequate funds.
Step 3
Remember, Mexico is a large and diverse country. The Mexican Riviera is renowned for its relaxing beauty, Cancun is known as the party capital and Acapulco is replete with history and mountains to climb. Select ports of call based on the activities the group finds most appealing.
Step 4
The shipboard experience is as important to an enjoyable cruise experience as deciding where to go and what to see in Mexico. Decide in advance on prearranged meal schedules and how many strangers make for tolerable dinner arrangements. Consider also if anyone in the party is even slightly claustrophobic; ship board cabins are notoriously small. Arrange for staterooms with windows or balconies to avoid feelings of confinement.
Step 5
Call the travel agent. Share every desire and detail of the ideal cruise to Mexico. The more information the travel agent is given, the more likely they will package a cruise that includes dreams come true at the most economical rate. The agent will book both transportation to the cruise's departure point and passage to Mexico. Pack, get on the boat and simply set sail on the perfect cruise to Mexico.

Tips & Warnings

Cruises are usually less expensive in the springtime. Great planners, who book at least nine months in advance, save big on fares, as do risk takers, who wait until the two-month countdown or less to purchase their tickets.

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