How to Get a Passport for a Baby

How to Get a Passport for a Baby
It is natural for you to include your baby in your family outdoor activities, including trips to Canada, Mexico and other countries that require a passport for you to enter. Even a newborn must have a passport to travel out of the United States with her parents. Both parents must take the baby with them to a Passport Acceptance Center to apply for the child's passport. You are required to bring legal documents when you go to the office.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Certified birth certificate Parent identification Form DS-11 Proof of citizenship Social Security number Color photos
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Parent identification
  • Form DS-11
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Social Security number
  • Color photos
Step 1
Locate the nearest Passport Acceptance Center. More than 7,000 offices are available in the United States, located at select post offices, libraries, colleges, universities, local government offices and courts. You must go to a Regional Passport Office if a baby's passport is needed in less than two weeks for international travel or four weeks to obtain a foreign visa for your baby. Check U. S. Department of State website for locations.
Step 2
Obtain a certified copy of the baby's birth certificate, which is embossed or impressed with the municipal or state seal, dated and signed by the registrar. Legal, certified birth certificates are available through the municipality where the baby's birth has been recorded. Gather proof of the baby's citizenship and Social Security number.
Step 3
Gather photocopies of the parents' personal identification on 8 1/2-by-11-inch standard paper stock. Identification can be in the form of previously issued and undamaged passports, current military ID, naturalization certification, driver's license, or a government employee ID.
Step 4
Plan for a time when both parents can personally take the baby to the office to apply for the passport. The baby has to be present or the application for a minor's passport will not be filed. If you are sole parent you must have a legal document to prove this. Bring a copy of the death certificate if one of the child's parents is deceased. If a parent is incompetent, you must have a judicial declaration of incompetence to present with the application.
Step 5
Download the passport application form, Form DS-11, from the State Department website. Fill in the form in black ink only. Do not sign it. You must sign it at the Passport Acceptance Center.
Step 6
Provide a set of identical 2-by-2-inch color photographs of the baby's full face. The background has to white or off white for the passport photograph. Place all of your paperwork in a folder or envelope to take with you to the passport office.

Tips & Warnings

There is no charge for a passport agency appointment, which is beneficial if you need to change the date at the last minute. Save all of your paperwork for children age 16 and under as passports must be renewed every five years.

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