How to Find Sea Glass in Maine

How to Find Sea Glass in Maine
Common glass objects are transformed into frosty gems of the ocean by the constant tumbling and polishing of currents and waves. Maine's beaches, coves and harbors are a treasure chest of sea glass waiting to be discovered. Sea glass comes in all colors, with wine reds and cobalt blues the rarer and highly prized finds. Some places offer up more treasures than others, if you know where to look.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Good walking shoes Bag or pail
  • Good walking shoes
  • Bag or pail
Step 1
Find the right conditions. Look for place where bluffs back up to the beach, the shoreline is or was populated, and the wind blows unobstructed for miles. Beaches that are dragged and cleaned regularly yield few results. Bar Island in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a tidal island with plentiful finds. Wear good walking shoes to protect your feet and have a bag or beach pail to carry your finds.
Step 2
Go when the time is right. Try searching from an hour after high tide until low tide. Fall is a good time to search, as fewer tourists are around. A pool next to the old fort at Fort Popham in Phippsburg yields a variety of colorful sea glass that is visible on the surface.
Step 3
Determine a source of the sea glass. You are more likely to find sea glass on beaches near old pottery or glass shops or where household goods--such as colorful dinnerware, oil lamps and chandeliers--may have been dumped into the ocean.
Step 4
Contact the local historical society, museum or library to find information on previous settlements. Discover if any shipwrecks lie along the coast and where finds have washed up before. Sea glass, china or pottery shards will likely be found nearby. East End Beach in Portland is a hot spot for sea glass.
Step 5
Look for wave action. Waves tumble the glass and make it smooth and frosty. Waves should be higher than 1 foot, but not so high that they'd drag you into the ocean. Rocky coastlines with coves or rocks that can trap the glass without dragging it back out to sea are ideal places to look. Head Beach, not far from Phippsburg, has a rock-strewn area where sea glass collects.

Tips & Warnings

Be mindful that some sea glass may still have a sharp edge or two. Wear thin gloves to prevent scratches and ward off the chill of the cold waters.

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