How to Make Snorkel Kits

How to Make Snorkel Kits
When going on a road trip or vacation where you will need snorkel gear, it is easy to rent the supplies at your destination or purchase an already-assemble snorkeling kit at a sporting goods store. But you can save money and find personalized and better quality equipment for your snorkeling needs if you create a snorkeling kit on your own at home. Keep in mind that SCUBA gear is high-quality and inexpensive. When making your own snorkel kit, the key thing to keep in mind is deciding what works best for you and finding the supplies.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snorkel or diver mask Wet suit Fins Underwater camera Probing stick
  • Snorkel or diver mask
  • Wet suit
  • Fins
  • Underwater camera
  • Probing stick
Step 1
Invest in a scuba diving mask if you are an avid snorkeler, as regular snorkel masks at stores are of lower quality and are not meant for several uses or for deep water.
Step 2
Decide on the kind of snorkel you want. Make sure you get a snorkeling tube with a good comfortable mouthpiece. You can also buy snorkels for different conditions, like rough water. If curious about this, look for snorkels that feature things such as purge valves or splash guards.
Step 3
Choose your fins. They need to fit snug against the back of the heels. Try them on before purchasing them. You can purchase fins that are appropriate for the type of water or conditions you will be swimming in. Smaller fins help you go faster and are easier to walk in on boats and on land. Larger fins are better for deep water.
Step 4
Decide if you need a wet suit for your snorkel kit. This all depends on the temperature of the water you will be swimming in. Surfing and snorkeling wet suits are similar and have shorter sleeves and leggings, and thin material, while divers need thicker wet suits that are always full size.
Step 5
Decide if you need a snorkel vest, which are inflated manually for you to stay afloat when you're on the surface of the water. These are great for younger snorkelers, or for someone who plans to be on the surface a lot.
Step 6
Add other items to the snorkel kit such as an underwater camera, probing sticks or weapons if you want to play it safe around dangerous marine animals.

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