How to Find Things to Do in San Francisco

How to Find Things to Do in San Francisco
When planning a trip to San Francisco, consider where you will go to see sights or engage in local activities. Your time in San Francisco can be well spent with a little planning and thought. Whether you are going to the city for a family trip or to hike through some of the redwood forests, there are plenty of things to do and see in the beautiful city of San Francisco.


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Step 1
Browse for different guided tours that San Francisco has to offer; there are a variety of different places to tour in the city and by the bay. This will help you narrow down which places to visit. If you decide to book a tour, you will be able to do so through the website.
Step 2
Take a ride on the historic cable cars that go through the heart of the city. While on the cable cars, keep your eyes open for restaurants or anything that peaks your interest. You can also talk with the cable car driver for tips on fun places to visit around the city.
Step 3
Walk the streets and talk with the locals. They will most likely steer you toward fun places around the city that might not be on maps or in brochures. This is also a great way to find local restaurants you might otherwise overlook.
Step 4
Visit one of four chamber of commerce locations for information on the city. You can find current events and programs that are being held in San Francisco. There is also information on entertainment and restaurants that are popular with neighborhood residents.
Step 5
Visit one of San Francisco's many beaches were you can meet locals who will be able to inform you of things to do around the water. They can direct you to one of the piers along the beachfront or to the Muir Woods, which is full of ancient Redwoods.


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