How to Set up a Fishing Pole for Bass Fishing

How to Set up a Fishing Pole for Bass Fishing
Bass fishermen realize that to be prepared for all conditions that may be encountered while in pursuit of this game fish that a variety of rigs are needed. Knowing how to rig a fishing pole for bass will allow an angler to be able to change fishing tactics during the middle of a trip and send a fisherman home with results rather then regrets.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Utilize a Texas rig when seeking bass in waters with heavy vegetation. Use a Texas rig on a sensitive fishing pole that is between 6 1/2 and 7 feet long. Tie a worm hook to your line after you thread a bullet sinker through the line first with the nose end forward. Send the sharp end of a plastic worm hook into the thickest end of the worm before making it come out no more than 3/8 inch from the point of entry. Thread the entire worm onto the hook, making sure that you bring the top end up close to cover the eye of the hook. Then turn the hook and bury it into the body of the worm while being certain that the worm hangs down straight once the hook is in it.
Step 2
Rig your pole with a Carolina rig to make your plastic worms seem more natural to the bass. Attach an egg sinker to your line and then thread a glass bead through it. Tie the line to a barrel swivel, and then attach a leader of monofilament to the barrel swivel that is at least 18 inches long. You can now tie on a worm hook rigged with a plastic worm. The sinker will always be on the bottom, but the leader's length will allow the worm rig to float, attracting bass as this rig is fished along the bottom.
Step 3
Pinch a split shot onto your line so you can cast into tight areas like docks and piers in shallow water scenarios. Put a small split shot no heavier than 3/16 oz. a foot from the hook. Rig your plastic bait on the hook.
Step 4
Make a drop shot rig when fishing deep water for early spring and late summer bass. Tie your worm hook up the line anywhere from 1 foot to 4 feet from a sinker. When threading the hook onto the line, make sure the hook point is facing up. Tie a knot in the line. Pass the free end of the line once again through the hook eye, and pull the knot through the eye of your hook. This makes the hook stand straight out from the horizontal line where you can rig the sinker below it after putting whatever plastic bait you choose on it.
Step 5
Employ a jig tipped with a live shiner when ice fishing for bass with an ice fishing rod. Tie the jig head onto your leader. Put a piece of shiner on the jig's hook. Drop this down a hole in the ice, and flutter it up and down to attract bass.

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