How to Size Kids' Ski Boots

How to Size Kids' Ski Boots
A well -fitting ski boot for a kid should be comfortable, allow some space for growing and have the right amount of flex to allow for maneuverability on the slopes. Children's muscles are not as strong as an adults, so the construction of a kids' ski boot should compensate for the muscular difference and provide more flex. Fit and flex varies among boot manufacturers. Trying on different brands is the best way to find the perfect fitting boot.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Have the child wear the same socks she will be using for skiing when trying on ski boots. Socks of a different thickness will affect the fit of the boots.
Step 2
Measure the child's foot using the ski boot manufacturer's foot measuring guide. Each manufacturer sizes ski boots differently, so the child's foot will need to be measured for each different manufacturer's boots.
Step 3
Check the fit of the boots. Purchase boots that are half a size too large to allow for growing room. Ski boots that are any larger will be difficult for the child to ski with. To check the fit, have the child try the ski boot on with the inner boot removed. With the child's foot pushed forward, there should be enough room between the heal of their foot and the shell of the boot for you to fit two fingers.
Step 4
Test for flex. Each ski boot allows a different amount of flex. The right amount of flex enables the child to maneuver on the slopes effectively. A boot with the optimum amount of flex for a child allows the knee to bend over the foot. Have the child try on ski boots from different manufacturers until a boot with the right amount of flex is found.
Step 5
Examine the fit of the ski boots every two months to make sure the child has not grown out of the boots.

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