Sunshine Coast Kawana Waters Swimming Safety

Sunshine Coast Kawana Waters Swimming Safety
Located near Brisbane and Australia's Sunshine Coast, Lake Kawana is a popular spot for open water swimming. While the waters are sheltered, swimming in a lake is still not the same experience as swimming in a pool. Several teens were injured or dangerously exhausted in 2008 by the Australian Age Open Water Swimming Championships at Lake Kawana, illustrating the extra precautions that must be taken for open water swims there.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Practice what you are going to do in the pool first. Do not make your first stab at swimming 5 km in a lake. It will probably prove harder than a pool, and the lake is no place to discover the limits of your endurance for the first time.
Step 2
Check what the Lake Kawana water temperature will be for that time of year, plus the weather for that day. Keep in mind that 75 degrees is fine for a quick dip, but chilling after an hour. Bad weather conditions can also compound normal circumstances in open water swims.
Step 3
Swim from designated areas, which are marked by flags on the beach. Let the lifeguards, if any are on duty, know you are there and what you are doing. Also, always swim with a buddy, even if the buddy stays on land and merely keeps an eye on you.
Step 4
Wear a bright-colored swim cap. This will help boaters keep an eye out for you.
Step 5
Be prepared to swim more than one stroke. According to the website Sunshine Coast Daily, one of Kawana's 2008 10 km open water swimming competitors suffered a dislocated shoulder. Cramps and injuries like that can force you to resort to a different stroke to get back to shore, so don't put all your eggs in one basket and practice only one stroke.

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